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Offshore High risk merchant account

What are High Risk Merchants?
High Risk Merchants are specific types of businesses that have a higher than normal charge back ratio and risk of returns or customer sales disputes. Usually more that 1% of total monthly sales are considered high-risk by most processors.

Other types of high-risk merchants
There are a wide range of businesses that are considered high risk just by the type of industry they are in or as a group.

Which Merchants are considered High Risk?
High Risk Merchant Groups include, but are not limited to:
Pharmaceutical Merchants
MO/TO Accounts
Collections Agencies
Adult Oriented Businesses
Travel & Cruise Industries
High Ticket Sales
Furniture Stores
Internet Auctions
Club Memberships
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
Tobacco Sellers
Time Share
TMF (Terminated Merchant File / Match)

Even within the high risk merchant category are divisions. Some are considered more high risk than others. A merchant account provider allowing Pharmaceutical Merchants in its network may not allow online casino or adult merchants due to their credit limit.
The banks consider an account a high risk merchant account based on the potential for excessive chargebacks, returns, possible legal violations for selling the type of services or products, financial liability that the bank or processor will incur for processing for the merchant, or bad publicity towards the bank for accepting certain types of businesses.

High Risk Merchant Account Services
* Website Payments
* Membership / Recurring Billing
* High-Volume Merchants * Travel Agents / Timeshare
* Sports Forecasting / Odds Making * Dating Services / Memberships
* Companion Services * Online Pharmacy - US or EU Based & Liscenced Pharmacy (only)
* Merchant Account * Replica / Watches / Bags / Jewelry
* High Charge Back Merchant Account * Outbound Telemarketing
* Ticket Brokers * Wholesale Import Merchant
* Recurring Billing - Weekly - Monthly - Annual * Cruise Lines / Reservations
* Free Trial - Trial Offers * MLM Merchant Account
* Infomercial * Auto Warranties
* Nutraceuticals * Vacation TRavel Clubs
* Bill Collections / Collection Agencies * Call Centers / Telemarketing
* Medical Discount Cards * Ecigarettes - Ecigs

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