martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Latvia, Offshore Bank Account

Latvia, Offshore Bank Account There is more than 20 big and stable banks in Latvia. Latvian banking is open to nonresident individuals and companies, including US based companies and offshore companies. Documents required for private individual are usually notarized copy of passport and some banks will require an additional apostille on the notarizations. Further, signature card for bank account applications must be signed and notarized usually. For corporate bank account it is required to submit all corporate documents like Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Incorporation and further any Power of Attorney or corporate resolutions giving power to the account signatory. Latvian banks offers high technology banking and excellent Internet banking. You will be able to hold your funds in multicurrency bank account, further you can exchange any currency into another currency usually in the real time, you can get secured debit cards and you can make deposits and do investment business with the bank. For interested investors there will be enough opportunities to establish special forex broker account and to make daily income by trading currencies. We can assist you open account in Latvia with debit cards and credit card.

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